FAQ about internships abroad

Going abroad for an internship can be quite thrilling and raise a lot of questions. This is not unusual since you will be living in another country for a long time. We have tried to answer as many questions as possible about doing an internship abroad! 

Are some of your questions still unanswered? Or do you not understand certain things? Do not hesitate and send us a message via the contact page.

  • Why an internship abroad?

    Are you curious, adventurous and interested in foreign (work) cultures? Then an internship abroad could be just what you are looking for! An internship abroad is extremely useful. By working all on your own in another country you will develop yourself extremely fast on a personal and professional level. You will notice that you become more independent and self-confident. In addition, you expand your horizon and your view of the world. It can also give your language skills a huge boost, should you wish to learn the local language! On top of that, you make yourself very attractive to future employers. After all, it's also just a lot of fun!

  • Why should I use a placement agency?

    Finding a good internship abroad is not always easy. Not all companies abroad are familiar with internships and therefore cannot always offer a good work experience. Agencies that have experience in this can coordinate better with the company. In addition, an internship agency helps with everything else that is involved in a temporary emigration! Think about housing, plane tickets, visas, and more.

  • Waarom Interns-Abroad als mijn stagebemiddelaar?

    Interns-Abroad has a wide range of internships in many different countries. Because of our travel experiences in several countries in Asia and Europe, we know very well which parts, in which cities, are suitable for a young student. In addition, we make strict agreements with internship companies to ensure the quality of the internships. The safety of the student and the enjoyment of the student during the internship period are our main goals.

  • How long does it take to arrange an internship?

    Finding an internship takes about 4 to 6 weeks. However, it is recommended to start with the orientation and application six months before the start date of your internship. There is more to a temporary emigration! For example, it may take some time before your visa application is approved. Also, airline tickets are much cheaper if you book them in advance, which of course you only do when the internship agreement is already in place.

  • There is no matching traineeship in the list! Can you also find customised internships?

    Definitely! We can look for you specifically for an internship that suits you and meets the requirements of your education. Our offer is not limited to what is on our website and/or socials! You can register at any time without obligation and we will contact you. We will then listen carefully to what you are looking for in an internship and check our portfolio to see if there is a match. If not, you will receive a customised offer within a few weeks!

  • Does covid affect my internship?

    If the pandemic has had an extreme impact on anything, it has been the travel industry. Corona may affect your internship. However, in many countries they make exceptions for students or migrant workers. You can therefore benefit from this. Within Europe, this is easy to achieve anyway, but the tourist countries in Asia, such as Thailand or Indonesia, are also gradually allowing travellers back into the country.

  • How do you proceed?

    Once you register, we will contact you within 24 hours by e-mail or phone. We will plan an intake to get to know you and discuss your assignment. Once we have all the necessary information, we will start looking for your dream internship. Do we receive your approval and if necessary that of your school? Then we will put you in contact with the potential internship company. No match? Then we continue our search! Is there a match? Then it's time for all the necessary arrangements, such as visas, accommodation, plane tickets, insurances, etc. Also during the internship we are always on standby for you.

  • Do you also offer graduate internships?

    Of course, you can also come to us if you are looking for an internship to complete your graduation thesis. Sometimes there are more stringent requirements. Please let us know about these! This allows us to search more specifically for suitable companies and to indicate in the negotiations that the graduation assignment you are carrying out at the internship company must be of a certain level. This process often takes longer. The reason for this is that internship proposals still have to be submitted to the graduation committee/your graduation supervisor. Therefore, register in time!

  • What are the costs of mediating an internship abroad?

    Vooralsnog zijn alle prijzen gelijk en kost de bemiddeling in Europa €499,- en in Azië €549,- totaal. Dit is inclusief BTW. Voor een betaalde stage betaal je iets meer. Dit bedrag is afhankelijk van de hoogte van de stagevergoeding. Je kunt hier meer over lezen in artikel 7.1 van de algemene voorwaarden.

  • How does the no cure no pay principle work?

    We like to keep it simple and want to be as transparent as possible. We ask for a down payment of €100,- before the search starts. Now we can start our search for your dream internship. Are we unable to find a suitable internship within 60 days? Then you get a refund. Note: there is a €35,- administration fee withheld.

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